Regrettably, A L Simon no longer lives among us.

Simon (1877-1970) was a French-born, English wine merchant, gourmet, educator and prolific wine writer.

Fellow wine writer Hugh Johnson describes Simon as “the charismatic leader of the English wine trade for almost all of the first half of the 20th-century, and the grand old man of literate connoisseurship for a further 20 years”.

Simon wrote more than 100 books on a vast range of subjects in his 66-year writing career: he wrote a history of the champagne trade in England; compiled a best-selling encyclopedia of gastronomy; founded the English Wine and Food Society Journal; and wrote a best-selling guide to Russian grammar.

But no biographic note does Simon justice; he lived a huge life and appears to have loved every minute of it.

He could have been a member of the GMWC!

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