Riesling Celebration

Riesling – the Noble Grape – was the focus of the latest GMWC celebration. On Sunday 5 March 2017, members gathered at Red Spice QV Melbourne for a suite of top-notch Riesling – including...


GMWC Xmas Dinner 2016

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Best-ever GMWC dinner? Discuss. Members enjoyed a magnificent evening at Scopri Italian restaurant, Carlton, on Saturday 26 November, bringing to a close yet another great GMWC year. Wines for the night: – A Jansz...


GMWC visits Tamar Valley

The GMWC has completed a stunning tour of the Tamar Valley, Tasmania, in celebration of the Club’s fifth anniversary. Members flew from Melbourne to Launceston on Sunday 11 September 2016 for a two-day trek...


He could have been a member…

Regrettably, A L Simon no longer lives among us. Simon (1877-1970) was a French-born, English wine merchant, gourmet, educator and prolific wine writer. Fellow wine writer Hugh Johnson describes Simon as “the charismatic leader...


Finding Fault

GMWC members have spent the March 2016 meeting finding faults in wine.  Enrolled in a one-night ‘palate training’ course – through Armadale Cellars, Melbourne – members were taught to detect a variety of typical wine...


Christmas Dinner 2015

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    2013 Ocean Eight pinot noir
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    Mitchelton Blackwoord Park Riesling

Another great GMWC year was brought to a close on Saturday evening, 28 November 2015. Members gathered at Scopri restaurant, Carlton, for a multi-course dinner and a suite of wines that each, in some...