Ok fellas this looks like a cracker this year.

In previous years Penfolds have offered the small wine fridge for around $200 if you bought a half dozen of their wines, not bad.

This year they are doing similar but are also offering the big Vintec wine cabinet, the V160SG with a 120 bottle capacity. For my money ($1,199 in fact) that’s where the value is. This wine cabinet retails for three grand normally, or really around the $2,500 mark at most places. So to get it for $1,199 is a great deal. The catch? Buy $500 worth of Penfolds wines to qualify for the offer. That’s a bottle of Grange. Easy! 😉

The other catch is it a 16 week wait to get the wine fridge…yep that’s a long wait, but then last time they did give away 12,000 wine fridges apparently.

vintec v160sg wine cabinet

Vintec 120 bottle wine cabinet

The offer kicks off on Monday but you’ve got until 1st of September to save up…and get the claim in.