News from a shared, online table

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The GMWC had planned to travel this month to an interstate wine region, but the never-ending COVID-19 pandemic shot those plans to bits. Instead, the club caught up online.

Our theme? Bring to the figurative table a wine you’re crazy about – and tell us why you feel that way. Bring us, too, a piece of good news: a story, an article, an insight, a book; anything that spreads some joy or provokes a little optimism.

And so, these were the wines:

  • Statz: Domaine Laroche 2019 ‘Saint Martin’ Chablis; Giant Steps, Yarra Valley, Applejack vineyard, 2015 Pinot Noir
  • Clogs: Domaine Gautheron 2019 Chablis
  • Danno: Leasingham, Clare Valley, 2008 Riesling; Bannockburn, Geelong, 2018 Pinot Noir
  • Curly: Mac Forbes, Yarra Valley, 2018 Chardonnay.

And this was the news:

  • Statz: Danno has developed a new photographic exhibition, Peribat. When the exhibition comes to Melbourne, we’ll be there!  
  • Clogs: Climate change is necessitating the introduction of new and resilient varieties to regions that are proving too hot for traditional varieties. Clogs shared a great video to illustrate his point.  
  • Danno: Recommended reading – La Buvette: wine notes and recipes from Paris
  • Curly: Recommended reading – Wine Reads, A literary anthology of wine writing, edited by Jay McInerney.  

Now here’s to November and the club’s last meeting for 2021, in this our tenth anniversary year!

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