Christmas Dinner 2015

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Another great GMWC year was brought to a close on Saturday evening, 28 November 2015.

Members gathered at Scopri restaurant, Carlton, for a multi-course dinner and a suite of wines that each, in some way, linked to previous GMWC tastings: Prosecco; Chardonnay; Pinot Noir; Nebbiolo; and Botrytis Riesling.

Merry Christmas, everyone! Happy New Year – and, as always, happy drinking.

2013 Ocean Eight pinot noir
2013 Ocean Eight pinot noir

IMG_1388 IMG_1389 IMG_1391

Mitchelton Blackwoord Park Riesling
Mitchelton Blackwood Park Riesling

  1. Statz

    I forgot to take a photo of my wine of the night, the Polperro Mill Hill single vineyard chardonnay. Second time we’ve had it now, both tastings it blew me away and geez it was even more glorious with food.

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