Some say that wine and the Internet should never be mixed. Me, I like to pour myself a glass and log on…

I’d like to start a list guys, hopefully everyone adds to it, of places you like to buy wine online from.

Where have you found that’s good, or bad? Which websites are you thinking of trying?

I’ll kick it off:

Decent range, very competitive prices. In fact I usually find their specials hard to beat. The owner sends a regular email newsletter out which has a great write up of their latest deals and very hard to resist offers. Delivery is free! to metro areas if you order a dozen (can’t ask for more than that) and I’ve even found that in Summer if the weather is stinking hot, they’ll hold off on your delivery rather than leave your box of wines sitting on the back doorstep in the sun.

I’ve recently been warming up to Nick..s in a big way. Solid reviews and really good prices. Look up your favourite label on there and I’ll bet the prices are razor sharp.