This is part of my notes from our introductory meeting.

From memory:

  • There was a sensational location, with an amazing setup. We each had our own wine glasses, napkins, note paper (with letterhead!).
  • There were introductions, there was banter about wine, a great group of blokes.
  • Some of us who are new to the city (Cloggs) got lost and were a few minutes late.
  • There were several bottles of excellent wine opened and eagerly tasted.
  • There was an agenda, some admin, all very well organised (thanks Curly for your outstanding efforts to date).
  • There was a whiteboard presentation on the Victorian wine regions by Curly. Not bad for a guy who calls himself a “beginner” when it comes to wine…

No it's not a Dorito, it's a map of the VIC wine regions!