GMWC holds its first online meeting

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A global pandemic – aka COVID-19 – has forced the postponement of the latest GMWC Field Trip to the Bellarine Peninsula.

Members met instead in a ‘virtual’ space, via their laptops, on 21 March 2020. 

Wines for the meeting? Mostly reds. One white. And a bottle of rocket-fuel, courtesy of Statz.

Members hope to gather in person later this year – but failing that, the laptop option isn’t too shabby.

Whatever it takes.   

c/o Curly
c/o Danno
c/o Clogs
c/o Statz
And WTF?!?

  1. Statz

    LOL I bought that Spiritus Lubelski during the DIY hand sanitiser craze of 2020. But it’s far too good for that so our real intention was DIY Lemon Cello.
    “The Polish product is distilled to slightly above 95% (190 proof) – effectively becoming a pure spirit. ” Wowsers, be careful!

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