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The GMWC has celebrated Old World wine at a dinner held last night in Melbourne. 

Members dined at Scopri restaurant, Carlton, where they worked their way through a suite of outstanding wines: 

  • a Bolinger NV Rosé (Champagne, France) 
  • a Marcel Amance 2012 Chablis (Burgundy, France) 
  • a Boschi dei Signori 2015 Barbaresco (Piedmont, Italy), and 
  • a Sangenis i Vaque 2001 Grenache-Carignan (Priorat, Spain).  

The highlight? Impossible to say*; the night was a cracker from beginning to end. 

*Though this exchange might come close…

CURLY: Dove vieni in Italia? Which part of Italy are you from?

WAITRESS: Milwaukee, USA.

CURLY: Right’o.   

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